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Amplificadores de guitarra

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MAD PROFESSOR MP101 CUSTOM SHOP "BALTIC FINLAND BIRCH WOOD" Super cañero. un gran tono el de este cabezal hecho custom para nosotros, como importadores, con los paneles frontal y trasero de "Baltic Finland Birch". TWO CHANNEL 101 WATT (THAT IS ONE MORE!) ALL TUBE AMPLIFIER. The layout is straight forward: one input, two gains and two master volumes and both channels share the same tuned tone controls. MP101 is designed for very easy set up, the classic tone stack with Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence knobs let you easily dial the tones you want, from country to metal. First channel is very dynamic with a lot of headroom and detail. There is a nice British Class-A type compression build into the preamp of the first channel, so you don’t need to crank the power-amp up to get that tone. Even with the compression you get very fast clean tone or great dynamic crunch into touch responsive old school distortion. The second channel will take off from there and you are able to get more gain and more compression and a tone that is voiced to suit heavier distortion with great note separation and detail. You can also dial another different clean tone from this channel if you prefer. The two channels are carefully balanced to give you the best cleans and distorted tones that are matched together. You just need to adjust one set of tone controls and the channels are in harmony. The MP101 was designed for great tones on all volume levels. This amp is as much home in small clubs or huge arenas and you will never run out of the power or tone. Like with all Mad Professor products we spend a lot of time adjusting the high-end response. Even heavy distortion is not piecing or shrill but still with great detail and clarity. The low-end stays always tight and solid giving foundation to your tone, be it super clean or heavy. Easy to setup and easy to play, the new Mad Professor MP101 amp is simple yet versatile amplifier with lot of power reserve. Classis looks with modern high-end tube circuitry to serve the art of guitar playing. MP101: Two foot switchable channels Traditional Tone controls High power output- in excess of 101W’s Ease of playing Specifications Preamp tubes: 5 x ECC83/12AX7 Power amp tubes: 4 x EL34 (or 4 x 6L6, 4 x KT66, 4 x KT77, 4 x KT88, 4 x 6550) Amp must be biased after change tubes /tube type. Output power: 113 Watts Power consumption: Max 400 VA Dimensions: (W*D*H): 67,2 x 26,2 x 29,0 cm / 26,56” x 10,31” x 11,42” Weight: 22 kg / 48,4 lbs

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Palmer EINS - Amazingly versatile! Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers.Palmers approach with the EINS was to design a serious true tube amplifier for professional purposes. The speaker simulated output allows you to connect the output of the amp directly to your audio interface. Thanks to the integrated loadbox aspeaker does not need to be connected. Thanks to the unique “HiZ output” you can connect the output of the EINS directly to the input of any amplifier! This way the EINS can be power boosted or used as a preamp or even on your pedalboard. The Palmer EINS comes with an ECC83 preamp tube (V1) and an ECC82 (V2) power stage tube as standard. Other tube configurations are possible as follows. 1: V1:ECC83 - V2:ECC83: Quieter, distorts much faster, a little more gain, lead sound. 2: V1:ECC83 - V2:ECC81: Louder than Variation "1", quieter than the standard configuration, more gain, distorts a little more quickly. 3: V1:ECC81 - V2:ECC82: Stays clean a little longer, a little more headroom, darker distortion sound. 4: V1:ECC81 - V2:ECC83: The quietest configuration, distortion sets in a little later than with Variation "1", distortion can be controlled very precisely. Type: head technology: Tube class: A power: 1 W Inputs: 1 input connectors: 6.3 mm Jack Input impedance: 1 M ohm outputs: 4 output connectors: 6.3 mm Jack output impedance: Speaker out: 8 & 16 Ohm, Simulated out: 4k, HiZ out: 3,3M ohm Channels: 1 Indicators: Power controls: Level, Tone FX loop: no Power supply: 230 VAC Power consumption: 10 W preamp tubes: ECC83 power amp tubes: ECC82 rectifier: solid state cabinet material: sheet steel Cabinet / Housing surface: powder coated / anodized width: 206 mm depth: 128 mm height: 108 mm

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12  artículos disponibles
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