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Amplificadores de Bajo

Combos, pantallas, cabezales, todo para directos y grabación con tu bajo.

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Music Man 115 B 250 Bass Combo 1x15" OFERTA 25%: 799 € PVP: 1.070 € Music Man Bass Amps add to the look and classic tone of the original models the current advanced technology and inno- vations of Marco De Virgiliis, that put Markbass at the top of the bass ampli cation worldwide! The 115 B250 combo respects the seventhy design adding the bene t of new modern standards, with a long term reliability thanks to our advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top-quality components. A Word from Marco De Virgiliis “When we can nd “a well known face” behind a brand, we can also nd an unprecedented loyalty and trust from their customers: they know exactly what to expect when they purchase those products. A little while ago, it was night time, excited by the idea to propose again Music Man old ampli ers, I sent an email to Sterling saying: “I have an idea...”.Only ve minutes later I received Sterling’s reply saying: “LET’S DO IT!” A Word from Sterling Ball “I have approached and been approached about re-introducing the Music Man Amps so many times I have lost count. It was just never the right t and nobody that I talked to could do the amps justice. When my dear friend Marco of Markbass sent me an early morning email asking if I was interested I said “Let’s do it!” I had zero hesitation. I had found my perfect partner to make these great amps come back to the market.”

799,00 €


ASHDOWN VINTAGE 75 1x12" PVP: 345 € SUPER OFERTA Al´s : 265 € Amplificador combo para bajo Serie All Access de 75W 1x12". 3 Bandas de ecualización, salida auriculares, salida de línea para grabación, entrada para CD. We've always been committed to great practise amps, but with AAA we've taken the concept to a whole new level. AAA are a new generation of Ashdown amps that will take today's players from the bedroom to the stage, with great tone and powerful features like our AppTek connection for integration with the latest smartphone and tablet-based amp sims and effects. The Vintage 12 Compact and easy to carry, the Vintage 12 is the perfect option for home practice and rehearsal jamming, combining a 75W power amp with a high-quality Ashdown 12” bass speaker to deliver a flexible, feature packed combo with power when you need it. Classic Ashdown tone AAA amps are voiced with the soul of legendary Ashdown tone, as heard on countless recordings and in packed venues every night. High and Low Impedance inputs means they're ready for active or passive basses and power EQ is designed to get the most out every instrument. Our tube emulated drive control lets you take your core tone tone from warm and clean through to fat musical distortion at the turn of a knob. App-Tek – a world of tone at your fingertips Via the App-Tek socket players can access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, unlocking a huge expanding range of sounds. Plugging your bass in to the amp and making a simple connection to your device via the supplied App-Tek cable is all you'll need to do to get started. Choose from effects apps to recording apps and even our very own ABM Pre App.... Bring ABM muscle direct to your AAA Connect your device via App-Tek (using the supplied 4 pole mini jack cable) and use the ABM Pre App available on Agile Partners Amp Kit and you've got legendary ABM tone and flexibility dialled straight into your MiBass and ready to record or send straight to the PA. Enjoy Sub Harmonic Tube Drive, professional Compression and the ABM 7-Band EQ and transform this small grey box into a fully-loaded pro rig. Comprehensive Connections Just because an amp is affordable doesn't mean you have to compromise of connectivity. AAA amps feature Line In for connecting an mp3 player, headphone connection (with speaker mute switch) for silent practice and a great sounding DI for recording or sending your tone direct to a mixer. Built for the journey Tough cabinets, quality coverings, metal corners and quality components – because we know the journey from the bedroom to the club can be a tough one and you need gear that won't let you down.

265,00 €


ASHDOWN ROOTMASTER 420W COMBO 1x15 " PVP: 629 € OFERTA: 495 € - Amplificador combo RM-420. 420 W de potencia con un altavoz de 15" y tweeter. - Dispones de EQ de 5 bandas, nuevo compresor, además de control Drive conmutables por pedal y SubArmonics . - Entrada auxiliar (minijack) con volumen independiente, envío de efectos, salida DI balanceada, doble salida de altavoz en formato Jack/ Speakon. - La nueva serie RM MAG es la solución para los bajistas que necesitan amplificación ligera, asequible y con potencia. At Ashdown, we know that not every gig pays the big bucks. Dedicated to busy, hard-working bass players on a budget, Rootmaster heads, combos and cabinets draw on all of our experience working with some of the biggest bands in the world to deliver workhorse reliability, creative tone-shaping, comprehensive recording and performing facilities plus the sonic slam you need to underpin your band’s performances night after night – all at a price that won’t break the bank. For players who love the smooth, warm, bottom-heavy tone that only a 1x15” cabinet the RM-MAG-C115-420 delivers 420W of thunderous bass power into a single 15” Ashdown speaker. Simple, powerful EQ It all starts with an ultra-low-noise instrument input where the accompanying Input Level control helps you perfectly match the output of your bass. Five-band rotary tone controls act with surgical precision to provide total control over your sound, while a Shape switch instantly dials you in to a classic Ashdown tone setting, straight from the world-famous ABM. One-knob Compression Instantly adding warmth and body to your tone, this simple to use, great sounding compressor delivers a powerful, even sound to make sure your bass will fill out any mix. Footswitchable variable overdrive With footswitchable flexibility, our tube-emulated overdrive can take your core bass sound and push it into warm overdrive through to distorted filth whenever you need to add extra grind and girth to your tone. Kick it down Bringing extra depth and definition to your bass parts, the Sub-Harmonic Generator lets you dial in a sub-octave and kick it in via footswitch whenever you need the extra depth for those super-heavy Godzilla moments. Totally connected If you want to use your favourite pedals or multi-effects, you’ll find send and return sockets on the back panel, along with a DI output for direct injection into the PA mixer or recording console and a Line Input (with front panel level control) so you can jam along with a backing track in rehearsal.

495,00 €
20  artículos disponibles
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