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DrNo Falcon Fuzz Edición Limitada ( Por encargo Especial ) Black

Besides making the true vintage sounding boutique DrNo collection, I also like to work in my special Boutique laboratory to create a few limited editions for the Boutique Guitar Effect Connoisseur.

Early 2011 Eric Corton asked me to make a custom and special edition DrNo-Effect for his new project “Cortonville”. Eric Corton is well known and respected by the alternative music scene because he fights for the existence and airplay of the music that is not mainstream or yet respected by the mainstream audience. Although these bands and musicians are among the greatest around, it is hard to get heard by the audience they deserve. After his long career as Radio host , actor, and ambassador for several radio stations, he decided to start “Cortonville” “The shelter for the talented”. Corton is the founder of “Cortonville” and uses this medium to get various hard working artists picked up by the audience.

I know Eric Corton as a guy who loves listening to good music but also plays music himself. Besides that he is a true vintage and gear freak that likes to play cool and good quality musical instruments.

After he asked me to make this DrNo/Cortonville guitar effect, I had to sleep a few nights on this to develop the idea. One morning I woke up and had this idea to build a DrNo-Effect in a toy die cast Car. The housed effect had to own a really small circuit to fit in the trunk or under the hood of this 1/18 toy car. Besides that it had to sound really good and vintage. Because the Fuzz type of guitar effects is really upcoming again, I decided to goal on creating a small Fuzz circuit that would be awesome to play. The type of Car was going to be the awesome US made 1963 Ford Falcon muscle car (almost the same year the first commercial fuzzes were build, like the Maestro).

The effect became a Silicon Fuzz with Fuzz and Volume Pot, very simple but effective!

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Ref: 2749

Construido alrededor de un par de versiones reeditadas de las legendarias MN3005 bucket-brigade delay , el inconfundible carácter analógico de este delay es frontal y central. Tonal Recall es concebido sobre los clásicos sonidos vintage asociados a los delay analógicos de antaño. No renuncia tampoco a las comodidades modernas como tap tempo, bypass opcional con trails, control de expresión sobre cualquier parámetro y la posibilidad de guardar ajustes preestablecidos. Cada botón y el interruptor está conectado a un pequeño cerebro digital mientras que la señal de la guitarra se mantiene en 100% analógico siempre, no se procesa digitalmente. Dado que el control del efecto es digital, se abren efectos y características sin precedentes que nunca se han escuchado o sólo se ofrecen en stompboxes analógicos. Forget everything you know about analog delay, this one’s different. Built around a pair of re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips, the unmistakable analog character of this delay is front and center along with its velvety tape-like modulation. Tonal Recall expands upon the classic vintage sounds associated with analog delays of yesteryear while bringing modern amenities such as tap tempo, optional bypass with trails, expression control over any parameter, and the ability to save presets. Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Since the control of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects and features that have never been heard or offered in analog stompboxes.

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