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The Reactor #4 is a "fuzztortion" pedal. What's that?

Well, it's a fuzzy distortion.

It doesn't get into full on fuzz territory, but pushes just beyond distortion, into compressed fuzztortion.

This pedal is part of our Custom Shop line.

The Reactor #4 uses a Russian KT312A transistor.

This pedal is aggressive and gnarly, but can play nice and pretty if you back your guitar's volume control down.

Featuring one volume control, and named after the reactor that melted down at Chernobyl, the Reactor #4 can push your amp into meltdown! Painted bright green, with a lightly aged finish, the Greer name stamped on the front, and Reactor #4 hand painted on the small pedal, this pedal looks as awesome as it sounds!

Custom Shop mini pedal!
Fat and gnarly fuzztortion!
Uses vintage Russian KT312A transistor!
Gets cleaner when the guitar's volume control is turned down!
Bright BLUE mini LED!
Painted enclosure, lightly aged, stamped and hand labeled!
True Bypass!
Uses standard 9 volt neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.

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Ref: 3268

The JF-18 Power Tune combines both power supply and tuner into one amazing product, saving space and eliminating noise The POWER section features a filtered low noise output with short circuit and over current protection. Six outputs give you the standard 100ma power for most of your standard analogue pedals on your board, whilst two additional outputs can deliver a whopping 500ma, which will cover even the most demanding digital effects units. The TUNE section delivers via the large LED screen, which is easy to see in any lighting condition. Using a technologically impressive rapid chromatic tuning algorithm, ensuring fast and responsive note detection for any guitar or bass player. There is no need to worry about your guitar signal running though the power supply, we have made sure that there is no crosstalk noise or hum, the switching adapter does not get hot unlike many other guitar power supplies. We also include 8 DC power cords and 2 polarity reversing cables. Of course you can use the Power Tune independently, the tuner section features True Bypass circuit to minimise signal loss. Tuning Parameters Input : 1/4 mono port Output : 1/4 mono port Tuning Range :12Hz-4186Hz Working voltage: DC9v (centre negative). Running current: DC120mA. Power Parameters Input voltage for adapter: AC100 -240v. One DC9v input, 2A input (centre negative). 9 x DC 9v outputs, 2 x 500mA, 6 x 100mA (centre negative). Filtered short-circuit and over current protection. Includes JP-03 filtered UK power supply adaptor. 8 x DC power cords. 2 x polarity reversing cables.

105,00 €

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