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Efectos Overdrive ODDFELLOW BISHOP


Efecto versatil para single channel

199,00 €
I.V.A. Incluido


¡Bienvenido al primer Oddfellow Effects impulsado por single Channel!

Aunque que el Caveman es una parte más de muchos boards, presenta demasiada ganancia para las necesidades de muchos músicos que no necesitan una caja de doble canal.

Este single-stage, es un overdrive de ganancia media con un circuito completamente original, diseñado en colaboración con Scotty Smith de dispositivos ProAnalog.

El Bishop cubre un amplio espectro, desde un overdrive ligero y agradable "top end light" hasta tonos de ritmo completo y grueso.

Su dinámica y la transparencia son insuperables.

Su tacto sensible y sonido limpio, hacen del Bishop un efecto "leave it on all the time". Tiene un interruptor interno que permite al usuario elegir entre "true bypass" o "con by-pass" de la conmutación, así como la capacidad para funcionar con voltajes diferentes, lo que permite más opciones de tonales.

Recomendamos conectarlo a 9volts.


* Amplia gama de opciones de configuración de tono
* Increíble cantidad de espacio libre en el punteo
* Capacidad para cambiar entre "true bypass" y "buffered bypass"
* Capacidad para ejecutar en 9v, 18v o cualquiera entre ellos.
* Batería de 9V o compatibilidad con adaptador AC (DC, centro negativo)
* Alta calidad con acabado recubierto en polvo.
Hecho en California, Estados Unidos


Introducing the first single channel drive from Oddfellow Effects™!

While the Caveman has become a staple on so many boards, it’s simply too much gain for a lot players’ needs, and not everyone wants a dual channel box.
So we came up with a solution; The Bishop™!

This single-stage, medium gain overdrive from Oddfellow Effects is a completely original circuit designed in collaboration with the infamous Scotty Smith of ProAnalog Devices.

The Bishop covers so much ground, from a nice “top end hair” light overdrive, to full, thick, chunky rhythm tones.

The dynamics and transparency that this unit offers are second to none.

From the pick-sensitive feel to the volume knob clean up, The Bishop is one of those “leave it on all the time” effects. To top it off, The Bishop features an internal switch that allows the user to choose between “true bypass” or “buffered bypass” switching, as well as the ability to run on different voltages, enabling more tonal options.

We do recommend plugging it in to 9volts, as the headroom is already phenomenal!


* Wide range of tone-shaping options
* Incredible amount of headroom on tap
* Ability to switch between “true bypass” and “buffered bypass”
* Ability to run on 9v, 18v, or anything in between
* 9v battery or AC adapter compatibility (DC, center negative)
* High end, brand name components
* High quality, durable powder coat finish
Made in CA, USA

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105,00 €

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